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Tax Planning & Preparation Services

Proactive tax management leads to better financial outcomes.

If you’re not considering the tax impact of your financial decisions, you may be missing opportunities or creating a tax burden unnecessarily. Quality tax preparation is an integral part of your financial life, and that’s why we integrate tax planning into the service we provide here at Wisdom Wealth Strategies.

We go beyond tax preparation in favor of tax planning. 

While the terms tax planning and tax preparation are often used interchangeably, they are actually quite different.

  • Tax preparation is generally reactive, as it focuses on the impact of actions that occurred in the prior year.
  • Tax planning requires a proactive approach and takes a long-term, forward-looking view in an effort to uncover strategies and opportunities that can influence future tax liabilities.

Our Integrated Approach to Tax Management

Your financial life is managed best when all of the various elements are pulled together and viewed as a whole.

We get granular with your financial planning, especially where tax planning opportunities may exist. After all, decisions you make today with regard to your tax situation, like choosing pre-tax contributions to your retirement plan or post-tax Roth contributions to your retirement plan, will impact your financial health many years into the future.

We help clients understand a variety of complex tax-related strategies. To name a few: Roth IRA conversions, distribution strategies in retirement, planning for employer stock options, and tax harvesting strategies.

Tax planning

Our Services Include

1040 tax returns

Amended tax returns

Multiple state income tax filings

Partial-year resident filings

Rental property depreciation

FBAR filing

Small business tax planning

Sole proprietor returns

International tax issues

Tax planning for charitable donations

Employee Stock Options

Estate Returns

Interested in improving your tax situation?

Our financial planners will help you understand and manage your tax situation as part of your overall financial plan.

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