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Protecting Against Fraud

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When it comes to protection against fraud, the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” seems particularly appropriate these days.

In a quick scan of news headlines, it’s easy to spot at least a couple of articles about identity theft, scams, and other fraudulent behaviors. It’s a big concern, and one that we take seriously at Wisdom Wealth Strategies. We remain vigilant and alert at all times to activity that doesn’t seem normal for each individual client. We wanted to share with you a few of the things we do to protect our clients.

Protecting your information

  • We always voice verify disbursement requests directly with you. We don’t rely on email communications, especially when urgency is requested. You can help us in this effort by contact us via the phone if you need a disbursement from an account.
  • We routinely verify new bank instructions with clients via phone. We won’t update banking information without confirmation from you.
  • We do not rely on Caller ID. It can be manipulated.
  • We pay attention to email addresses carefully. Imposters will often set up similar looking email accounts to impersonate people.
  • We avoid putting sensitive data, like passwords, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, or account numbers in e-mail. If we need to exchange personal information, we’ll send it securely or we’ll request a quick phone conversation. You can aid in our efforts by not sending sensitive data to us via e-mail. Better methods exist for information exchange and we’re happy to take the extra step to protect your information and your assets.
  • Above all else, we strive to get to know our clients on a deeper level. In this way, we can confirm identity through voice recognition. We also learn what normal behavior is for our clients and so are better able to flag activity that doesn’t fit within our expectations.

We take our responsibility to protect your information and your money seriously. If you’d like to speak with us about how we can work with you personally to take extra steps, we’d love to take your call.


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Andrea L. Blackwelder, CFP®, ChFC and Joseph D. Clemens, CFP®, EA are the founders and partners of Wisdom Wealth Strategies. Their shared passion is simple: to bring financial empowerment, understanding, and peace-of mind to people who wish to improve their financial future, build wealth for their families, and achieve financial independence. Click here to find out more about how you can work with Wisdom Wealth Strategies.


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