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Independence in Financial Planning – What it Means to Us

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In the financial advising world, the term “independence” carries weight.  For the advisors at Wisdom Wealth Strategies, it is part of our core identity and it is a theme throughout our process as we guide our clients and their financial decisions.

As this week marks an important celebration of independence for our country, it is a perfect time to reflect on the importance of independence in financial planning.  For us, independence means the ability to customize strategies, solutions, and products for any situation or need.  Independence means the freedom to provide unbiased, objective advice.

Wisdom Wealth Strategies is privately owned.  We have no affiliation with any banks, insurance companies, or other investment firms.  In addition, we have not developed any proprietary products.  As a result, we’re free to select the insurance products and investment vehicles that are appropriate for our clients from literally thousands of options.  We consider ourselves employed by our clients, rather than by any company or firm.

We’re also independent in our compensation model.  Wisdom Wealth Strategies advisors are licensed to charge fees through a variety of methods, including hourly, fee-for-planning, fee-based, and even commission.  To provide this flexibility, our advisors have passed a variety of licensing exams required by industry regulators.  This customized approach allows us to accommodate the preferences and needs of our clients and promotes transparency in our process.  It also removes the conflict of interest inherent to the one-method compensation structure and assures clients that the guidance we provide is based on their specific needs, regardless of form of compensation.

Lastly, all Wisdom Wealth Strategies advisors are fully licensed to provide a very wide variety of solutions.  To name a few, the list includes mutual funds, exchange-traded-funds, disability insurance, fixed and variable annuities, option strategies, unit investment trusts, life insurance, REITs, limited partnerships, company sponsored 401k plans, and even long-term care insurance.  We truly are an independent financial advisory firm focused on Expert Guidance and Purposeful Planning.

Happy Independence Day to you!

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