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A Changing of the Seasons: Time for Renewed Focus

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There’s a different feel to the air now, isn’t there? A few short weeks ago, it was still just plain hot. It was hot when you went to bed and hot when you woke up in the morning. Not anymore. Now, a quiet evening on the patio requires a light sweater, and there’s a crispness to the early morning air that wasn’t there before.

The air isn’t the only thing that has shifted. There’s a feeling of renewed focus in the clients we’ve met with or spoken to recently. It almost feels like a touch of relief bundled with a new sense of purpose. Have you felt it, too? Do you feel like summer is in the books for another year, the kids are back to school or college, and you’ve started looking forward to see what the rest of 2016 could hold for you? We feel it, too, so we’ve put together a very short list of things to think about during the period we’re affectionately calling your “Fall Re-Focus”.

  • Look back to the New Year’s goals you set back in January. If you had a financial goal or two on the list, have you met the goal or do you have work to do to accomplish it? We would love to know how we can we help you meet that goal and hold you accountable so you can feel pride in your reflections at the end of the year!
  • Review your savings strategy. If you checked out over the summer, check back in now. If you’re still working and saving for retirement or other important goals, evaluate your year-to-date savings. Are you where you want to be? You still have time to course-correct and make sure 2016 was a good savings year.
  • Revisit your spending plan. How did you do this summer? Were your expectations accurate? Take a look at your emergency savings account. Is it building up? Great! Let’s make sure those extra dollars are being correctly allocated to support the right goal within your planning. On the other hand, did you deplete your savings a bit? Get back to work building it up before the holidays set in.
  • Check in with your financial planner. J We know many of you like a break from the duties and responsibilities of your financial life during the summer, and we understand that. But we’d love to hear from you soon and talk with you about what the last third of the year holds for you. Remember, we aren’t mind readers, so a periodic meeting or phone call is really important as we work together toward your success.

The fall season brings such opportunities for joy through the beautiful colors, the traditional celebration of the end of the harvest, and the kick-off to fun holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. We wish you a happy “Fall Re-Focus” and hope that the season has only good things in store for you!


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