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The road to financial success is about more than selecting a particular asset allocation model, choosing the right investments, or meeting a magic number for retirement. Financial independence isn’t simply about rates of return or savings analysis or 401k calculators.

Financial success is about peace of mind.

At Wisdom Wealth Strategies, we understand that you want a detailed financial plan and a roadmap to your independence. But you also want to know the answers to your most important questions: Am I doing this right? Am I protected? Is my vision for my future in line with my financial plan and my investments? Our guiding, teaching approach results in clarity, knowledge, confidence, and control over your financial future.

Your unique values and aspirations are the framework for the plan we create. Our advisors specialize in designing comprehensive plans that incorporate all of the relevant details of your financial life. In creating each plan, we consider risk management techniques, efficient tax strategies, and personalized investment approaches that are solutions to your specific needs. With our experience and expertise, we’ll help you set and achieve the goals relevant for each phase of your life.

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  • Target-Date Funds: Hit or Miss?
    401(k) investing can be a stressful and mentally exhausting practice, so it is only natural for participants to look for a simple solution. Thus, target-date fund entered the picture in 1994 and have become popular 401(k) investing vehicles.  Before you allocate all of your retirement contributions,...
  • Basic Financial Concepts: Inflation, Purchasing Power, and Time Value of Money

    During our lives, we are all affected by a few basic economic forces.  These forces can negatively or positively impact the experiences we have in saving, spending, and investing.  Everyone should have a basic understanding of these concepts and how they impact personal finances. Inflation: ...
  • Top Tax-Filing Mistakes
    The deadline to file 2013 taxes or an extension is just around the corner.  Errors in filing taxes are common and can be expensive or difficult to correct.  Avoid these common tax filing mistakes for a smooth filing process: Late filing: Returns must be filed or posted on or before April...
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